About Alex

Back story how Alex got started with Video Production

Alex Garcia spent a lot of his teen years filming and editing, what he enjoyed most—Mountain Biking. Young and talented on two wheels himself, his time was devoted to mountain bike training and racing, competing on the extreme side of the sport, Down Hill racing. It was these moments in his life he found a passion for the art of Filmmaking.  Although he credits the start of his career well in high school, it was his senior year, 1999 when he was asked to film a wedding. He thrived on creating a memorable and enjoyable wedding film.  At 19, Alex started to compete at a pro-level,  It was then that he had the vision to produce a full-length Mountain Bike film yet though the years his distraction was the high volume of requests for his art of wedding films.  It was his skillful attention to detail in the art of wedding films that allowed him to make a name for himself with video production throughout Monterey County. As a young ambitious, self-taught cinematographer, video editor, Alex interned for local TV Station KSBW-8 for six months and later turned down an opportunity for a paid 9 to 5 to focus on his growing business.

Getting Started

Mag One Productions
Established in 2002

With an entrepreneur mindset Alex primarily devoted his time to his craft and his growing business. He called his business Mag One Productions. His experience expanded when he directed a local tv program, Police Line. In 2005 Alex moved to freelance producing for NBC Telemundo in San Jose. While creating wedding films and local television commercials, Alex expanded his company to a well-established business. Today, Alex has taken Mag One Productions to new heights. His clients and works have not only included locally based businesses but national and international companies ranging from corporate banks to major television networks. Very proudly, Alex has worked with some of the largest agriculture companies in the world which happen to be located right in his backyard. Over the years he has filmed and produced over 100 wedding films and pushing thousands of local television commercials.  Alex is constantly pushing for excellence by using the latest equipment while incorporating creativity and imagination. The mission of Mag One Productions is to create the best quality videos and advertising that fulfills the client’s vision.  Contact Alex direct alex@magoneproductions.com