About Mag One

Who Are We?

Mag One Productions is based in Monterey County, Salinas, California. We are a video production company that specializes in television and web commercials including marketing and promotional videos, along with testimonial, instructional, and nonprofit videos that deliver real-time results. We are a vital resource for companies, small or large, looking to produce High-End Video Content such as TV Commercials, Corporate, Marketing, and Event Videos including Video Editing and Post Production services on any project large or small.

In astronomy, the brightness of any star is measured using the Magnitude Scale. When applied to stars Magnitude 1, or Mag 1, is the brightest of them all. Since 2002 Mag One has been beaming brighter and brighter, working with the biggest accounts in the Monterey County.  Mag One Productions is your one stop shop for creative, high-quality advertising making your business stand out like the brightest star in our night sky! We take our time to listen and understand your vision in order to bring your project to life.