About Mag One Productions

We are a video production company, based in Salinas, specializing in television and web commercials, including marketing and promotional videos, as well as testimonials, narratives, and corporate videos delivering high-quality results. We are a necessary resource for companies of all sizes looking to produce high-end video content with video editing and post production services on all projects.

Since 2002, Mag One has been steadily growing working with some of the biggest agricultural, automotive, and corporate accounts in the Monterey County. Mag One Productions is THE outlet for creative and high-quality advertising, making your business stand out like the brightest star in the sky! We work with you step by step to ensure the product you receive is exactly how you envisioned it.

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Our Mission & Values

The brightness of any star is measured on the Magnitude Scale with Mag One being the brightest of the stars in the sky. For nearly two decades Mag One Productions has been continuously shining brightly, bringing the highest-quality video production services in the area.
Our clients are important, but so is our community. Our diligence to non-profit organizations and local business partners is truly telling of our values. We work with you through every step of the process making sure the final product is what you expected. From the first phone call, you’re in the driver seat, and we’re the engine bringing your vision to life. Our equipment list and knowledge of video production allows us to understand your project and walk you through every procedure.