TV Commercials

TV Commercials

TV commercials reach a broad audience and are a powerful and effective way to advertise, but now the technological age is allowing opportunities for digital marketing to aid in prospering and expanding your business.

Being a video production leader in the Monterey Bay region since 2003, Mag One will come in on time and on budget to craft a commercial that drives results and interactions, increasing the success and name of your business. Our experience with our high-end production equipment makes us a reputable source for your video production needs. We have the camera and tools to capture your desired angles and create the visual results you desire.

When it comes to advertising, Mag One is well-versed in the craft of commercial work. From Pre-Production to Delivery, we manage every aspect of the production and creation of your company’s commercial.

Our approach is to provide a final cut that is in crystal clear high definition with high-quality crisp sound. Our keen eye for details guarantees you the highest definition television and digital advertisement that will grab the attention of your audience.

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Planning for a production is key to a well-structured video. We take care of any pre planning your production requires- from concept to script, scheduling to talent, we can do it.


Whether it be two cameras or one, 4K high quality or HD quality format, all these things are considered when building a set. From a large crew to a one-man crew production, we can help you create the look that fits your business the best.


In post, we edit and add the finishing touches needed for your content. Consider using motion graphics to increase the effectiveness of your product or message.


Considering where you want your content to be displayed is incredibly important to the effectiveness of your ad. We can help you decide where best to deliver your content, whether it be online or broadcast.


                                           Mag One has worked closely with Talent Agencies to bring in the best talent to help communicate your intended message