Monterey Bay Video Production company

Monterey Bay Video Production Company

Mag One Productions is a Monterey Bay video production company. We provide HD videography services for TV and the web. We welcome you to our new and improved website. For years we have poured our heart and soul into servicing our clients to bring them the best available quality of video, aesthetically pleasing websites and kind service. In our efforts to service our customers, we unfortunately neglected our own website. Currently, our attention has turned toward updating our website, providing an easy an reliable site to explore.

We also want to thank you for visiting our blog. We are working overtime to update our blog on a regular basis. We hope to inform you of our current events, our past (as well as our current) projects, news, product reviews, and much more. We will be updating frequently so make sure to check back to our page and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to check out more of our exciting projects!

Owner Alex Garcia has more than 17 years of hands-on video production experience. His expertise has helped to establish Mag One Productions as a top-notch company with a reputation of being reliable and trusted. Our customers include those of agriculture, automotive, hospitality, medical, non-profits, corporations, and even other marketing companies. Mag One is your one stop creative source for developing high quality advertising. We take time to carefully listen, understand your vision, product, and market and bringing your project to life.