Line for Star Wars The Force Awakens

I Waited in Line for Star Wars The Force Awakens for over 12 hours!

What an exciting day! Up at 4 am and in line by 5 am for Star Wars The Force Awakens. I captured it all on video and made a short film. The opening titles on the video read: The theater of choice. Maya Theater in Salinas.

It has been more than 30 years and six movies since the incredible Star Wars series began, and Episode VII has finally come. This long-awaited sequel is the only film that can make a man take a day off work and wait diligently at the front door to avoid long lines. The dark forces of marketing have driven long time fans like Alex to wait in the frigid cold for more than 12 hours, but Alex knows waiting in line has been a treasured tradition and one which a fan must do to avoid the spoilers that come from the evil Galactic Empire.
During the battle of the Cold Wait, Alex discovers the Force is very strong within him. As one other powerful Jedi shows up for the battle, they quickly discover that in Salinas, the Jedi and Rebel forces are weak as they notice no one showing up to wait in line as was anticipated. Will the Empire’s ultimate fan killer weapon Jar Jar Binks once again be featured in this movie, driving fans sour about Star Wars? Or will this movie finally be the film Star Wars fans have been waiting for…

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