Claudia & Chad Wedding, Fortino Winery

Nestled in the Gilroy hills, Fortino Winery is where Claudia & Chad Cole wed. Claudia & Chad are such a wonderful happy couple and I was honored to capture their wedding. Getting to know both of them during the process of creating their video was a pleasure. Claudia always has such a big smile every time I talk with her. From the times I’ve spent with the couple, I’ve noticed how thoughtful and compassionate they both are, especially Claudia with her boys. They are both outgoing and incredibly kind. Chad is like a person that everybody wants to have as a friend. Despite his macho, tough guy prisonguard appearance, he’s incredibly down to earth and an easy going guy. From one of the first times my wife and I sat with them at dinner, they were so giving with their wine. You can learn a lesson or two from this wine enthusiast couple. Getting married at Fortino Winery was significant for them. Their passion for the art of wine goes back to the first time they dated, so having wine as a part of their wedding meant a great amount to them.

To Claudia and Chad Cole: It was an honor to be a part of your day and I’m honored to call myself a friend. My wife and I look forward to wine tasting dates in the future! We are honored you chose Mag One Productions for your video!